Welcome to Restaurant Ryes

Here you will find a New York atmosphere where the gastronomy, the decor and the uncompromising atmosphere are a feast for all the senses

Among other things, RYES ties its name to Fredericia and the exciting history from 1849, when war hero and Major General Olaf Rye led the battle and liberated the fortress town.

Restaurant RYES has undergone a thorough renovation and modernization and has also been enlarged to 180 seats – all united in an exciting and classic New York design, as we know it from metropolitan cities around the world.

Our kitchen

In the kitchen, Head Chef and F&B Manager Karina Zurmühlen and her talented chefs are in charge, all of whom have a penchant for exciting, classic food with modern touches from Nordic cuisine. We also like to use pickled, dried or otherwise self-produced unique flavor combinations that pamper our guests' taste buds.

Tender meat, fresh fish and sublime ingredients at Restaurant RYES

Expect plenty of tender and well-prepared meat, fresh fish and other sublime seasonal ingredients treated with love, served by our professional team of waiters who will do everything they can to give you a unique experience.

Opening hours

  • Monday – Saturday: 18.00 – 21.30
  • Sundays and public holidays: Closed
Special events at Hotel Fredericia

Our restaurant may be subject to changes on weekdays and weekends due to special events or large-scale events. You can see what events we have on the Attractions and Activities page here >>

Larger dinner parties

If you are more than 8 people and wish to dine in Restaurant Ryes, we kindly ask you to pre-order. This will ensure you get the right space and the best possible service aligned with your expectations.

Book your table here

Phone: +45 4099 5335
Email: info@hotel-fredericia.dk



  • Tuna DKK 118,-

    Stir-fried tuna – toast – sauce tartare – vegetables

  • White asparagus DKK 118,-

    Buttered white asparagus – sauce hollandaise – prawns – green oil - vegetables

  • Danish gourmet ham DKK 118,-

    Danish gourmet ham – potatoes – Løgismose smoked fresh cheese – crispy rye – vegetable salad

  • White asparagus (Vegetarian) DKK 118,-

    Buttered white asparagus – sauce hollandaise – poached egg – green oil - vegetables

Main course

Main courses:

  • Ribeye DKK 368,-

    300 gram of beef ribeye – french fries – home cooked sauce bearnaise – today’s vegetables

  • Burger of the house DKK 218,-

    230 gram of minced beef – cheddar cheese – home cooked sauce bearnaise – lettuce – cucumber – tomato – chili mayonnaise

  • Hake DKK 278,-

    Skin-fried hake – passion’s beurre blanc – green asparagus – roast onions – green oil – pommes fondant – vegetables

  • Pasta DKK 268,-

    Fresh pasta – scallops – tiger prawns – lobster sauce – vegetables julienne

  • Vegetarian burger of the house DKK 218,-

    2 pcs. "No chicken" steaks - cheddar cheese - home cooked sauce bearnaise – lettuce – cucumber – tomato – chili mayonnaise

  • Pasta (vegetarian) DKK 228,-

    Fresh pasta – white-wine cream – mushrooms – asparagus – tomato – parmesan – sunchoke crisps



  • Ice-cream cake DKK 115,-

    Ice-cream cake of the house – whipped cream – berries

  • Rhubarbs DKK 115,-

    Rhubarb pie – ice cream – candies

  • Arla unique cheeses DKK 115,-

    Three sorts of Arla unika cheeses with home-made preserve with crispbread

Kids menu

Sold for children up to 12 years old

  • Pasta with meat sauce DKK 75,-
  • Kids burger DKK 108,-

    Salad - tomato and cucumber - bun spread with ketchup - French fries
    Purchase of bacon DKK 5,-
    Purchase of cheese DKK 5,-

  • Fish fillet with french fries DKK 75,-
  • Ice cream dessert DKK 45,-

    Vanilla ice cream - strawberry ice cream - waffle cones - chocolate sauce


  • Stjerneskud (Seafood Platter – bread with shrimp and fish) DKK 195,-
  • Pariserbøf (Danish Beef Tartare) DKK 185,-
  • Burger of the house DKK 205,-
  • 2 pcs. unspecified Danish smørrebrød DKK 148,-


  • Kir Royal DKK 75,-

    Créme de cassis, prosecco

  • Aperol Spritz DKK 95,-

    Aperol, prosecco, soda

  • Limocello Spritz DKK 95,-

    Limocello, lemon, prosecco

  • Dry Martini DKK 105,-

    Gin, Vermouth, Olives

Wine & Cider


The Club Ambassadeurs, the value of shared expertise

Since 2016, the House has brought together an international community of the best restaurants, the finest hotels and the most prestigious wine stores around the world. Each member represents excellence in his or her field and brings the Barons de Rothschild champagnes to life each and every day.

At Best Western Plus Hotel Fredericia, we are proud to have been accepted into this distinguished club, which allows us to sell this fantastic champagne house at very reasonable prices.

  • Baron de Rothschild 1/1 flaske DKK 1.250,-

    Blanc de blanc, Champagne, France

  • Baron de Rothschild, Rosé 1/1 flaske DKK 1.100,-

    Rosé, Champagne, France

  • Baron de Rothschild, Concordia 1/1 flaske DKK 848,-

    Concordia Brut, Champagne, Frankrig

  • Rutini San Filipe 1/1 flaske DKK 390,-

    Brut, Nature Mendoza, Argentina

  • Mont Marcel Cava 1/1 flaske DKK 355,-

    Brut, 2020, Penedes, Spain

Sparkling wines

  • Labouré Gontard 1/1 flaske DKK 435,-
  • Glas DKK 95,-

    Cremant Brut Rosé
    Bourgogne, Frankrig. Pinot Noir - Chardonnay.
    Elegant salmon colored with fresh notes of strawberry, raspberry and cherry. The flavor is intense and dry, but finely balanced by nice fruit ripeness on the finish.

  • Muré Prestige 1/1 flaske DKK 480,-

    Cremant d´Alsace
    Pinot Blanc - Auxerrois.
    The aroma is open, fresh and elegant and, like the taste, offers notes of flowers, fine green berries and citrus. On the palate, the wine is lively and easy to drink with remarkable finesse and a fresh and lingering finish.

  • Fabiano DOC Sestiere
    Castello 4357
    1/1 flaske DKK 355,-
  • Glas DKK 70,-

    Valpolicella, Italy
    Delicate fruity flavors with fresh apples, pears and a hint of flowers. A fresh wine that is lively but finishes a little velvety.

  • Moscato d`Asti
    Beni di Batasiolo Asti
    1/1 flaske DKK 330,-
  • Glas DKK 70,-

    Piemonte, Italy
    Moscato Bianco.
    Frizzante with small fine elegant bubbles and scents of honey, ripe pineapple and yellow flowers. Flavors of flowers and freshly cut tropical fruit.

Rosé wine

  • Silver Mountain Rose 1/1 flaske DKK 365,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 195,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    California, USA
    White Zinfandel.
    Here comes deliciously delicate notes of citrus and strawberry where ripe cherries mingle for a delicious finish that feels slightly creamy.

  • Brotté Tavel Rosé 1/1 flaske DKK 425,-

    Grenache - Cinsault - Syrah/Shiraz.
    The fragrance is characterized by delicious hints of spring flowers and citrus fruits. The taste surprises with its floral notes derived from the flavors of strawberry, lemon and watermelon.

Sweet wines

  • Alvera Solera 1927, 375 ml 1/1 flaske DKK 658,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 490,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    Jerez, Andalusia, Spain
    Pedro Ximenez.
    The wine in the area has traditionally been made as Sherry, with the exception that it has been aged in clay jars rather than wooden barrels. However, the style of the wine is still very reminiscent of Sherry.

  • Portal Tawny Port Wine 1/2 flaske DKK 590,-
  • Glas DKK 75,-

    A fragrance of ripe cherries, leather and dried fruits. The taste is soft and balanced with cherry flavors.

  • Portal 10 years old Tawny port 1/1 flaske DKK 885,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    The taste is full-bodied, pleasantly spicy with hints of almond and lots of fruit, the final bouquet is spicy warm.

  • Regis Causa 10 years 1/1 flaske DKK 885,-
  • Glas DKK 95,-

Non-alcoholic wines

  • Raggendoorf Castle 1/1 flaske DKK 295,-
  • Glas DKK 65,-

    Smell and taste like a Chardonnay, fresh and balanced. A great alternative.

  • Raggendoorf Castle 1/1 flaske DKK 295,-
  • Glas DKK 65,-

    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Full-bodied and harmonious, a sweetness of ripe fruits. A great alternative.

  • Paul Giraud 1/1 flaske DKK 305,-
  • Glas DKK 65,-

    Cognac, France
    Jus de Raisin rosè
    Non-alcoholic sparkling grape must made from carefully selected grapes from the Cognac district. Elegant and complex with lots of fresh fruit and fine sweetness.

White wine

We recommend ...

  • Domaine Perrachon Macon
    - Villages Blanc
    1/1 flaske DKK 380,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 200,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    A premium Chardonnay from the best vineyards in Burgundy. The wine is aged in stainless steel barrels under temperature control, resulting in a fresh and flavorful wine that goes perfectly with fish, chicken, turkey and lean cheeses, or simply as an aperitif.

Other white wines ...

  • Black Label,
    Babich Marlborough
    1/1 flaske DKK 410,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 210,-
  • Glas DKK 90,-

    New Zealand
    Sauvignon Blanc.
    Smells of the classic notes of Sauvignon Blanc, from freshly cut grass to elderflower. The taste is intense with good acidity and ripe fruit - concentration to give a complete wine in balance.

  • Milton Park, Thorn-Clarke 1/1 flaske DKK 365,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 210,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    South Australia
    The aroma is characterized by sweet ripe flowers and green fruit. The taste is full-bodied and fills the mouth with a ripe fruit flavor.

  • Fritz Walter, Pfalz 1/1 flaske DKK 375,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 195,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    Riesling trocken 2019.
    This wine smells of white flowers and fresh citrus fruit. On the palate, you'll experience notes of peach, citrus and green apples.

  • Desmontá, Bixio DOC,
    Veneto, Arcole
    1/1 flaske DKK 385,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 195,-
  • Glas DKK 95,-

    Pinot Grigio.
    The aroma is rich with flowers and fresh fruit, green apples and apricot. In the mouth, the wine is incredibly fresh with notes of acacia honey.

  • Kloster Eberbach 1/1 flaske DKK 458,-


Red wine

We recommend ...

  • Baroncini Leggero
    Appassimento rosso Puglia
    1/1 flaske DKK 380,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 200,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    On the nose, you're met with rich berry aromas, intensity and a delicious element of chocolate. In the mouth, the notes from the aroma are repeated and the wine is full-bodied and silky smooth with a lovely spicy element and a long, lingering finish.
    Baroncini is an ideal accompaniment to Italian cuisine, a really good steak or the cheese board.

Other red wines ...

  • Châtau de la Charrière 1/1 flaske DKK 445,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 235,-

    Côte de Beaune
    France, Pinot Noir.
    Nice aroma with clean red berries, mostly cherries. The taste is dry with soft body and lovely fruit, finished by the intense aftertaste.

  • Milton park, Thorn-Clarke 1/1 flaske DKK 365,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 195,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    South Australia
    A scent of black plums, blackberries and a hint of spice. The taste is wonderfully juicy with black berries, tannins that are soft and ripe.

  • Bixio Conti di Numio,
    Amarone Bixio della
    1/1 flaske DKK 558,-

    Veneto, Italy
    Corvina - Rondinella - Molinara
    The aroma is richly complex with nuances of ripe fruit and spices. The taste is smooth with a good intensity and a long velvety finish.

  • Ripasso DOC,
    Fabiano Valpolicella
    1/1 flaske DKK 420,-
  • Glas DKK 95,-

    Veneto, Italy
    Corvina - Rondinella - Molinara
    The aroma is characterized by dark chocolate and warm blackberries. The taste is powerful with a cascade of red berries, mocha, chocolate and soft tannins.

  • O. Fournier Urban 1/1 flaske DKK 448,-

    Austria Chardonnay Smell and taste like a Chardonnay, fresh and balanced. A great alternative.

  • Angels Ink Russian
    River Valley
    1/1 flaske DKK 668,-

    Sonoma Country, California
    Pinot Noir
    Here's a clear sign of why Pinot Noir should be grown outside of Burgundy, the Russian River Valley is definitely one of the best places for this tricky grape in California. Intensity and nerve poured into a bottle. A perfect accompaniment to light meat dishes, poultry and mature soft cheese.

  • Beast of Zin 1/1 flaske DKK 365,-
  • 1/2 flaske DKK 185,-
  • Glas DKK 85,-

    Lodi, California, USA
    On the nose, you are greeted by ripe forest berries, an intense sweetness and a delicate spicy touch from the barrel aging. The taste is full-bodied and beautifully balanced, with ripe red berries and spices.

  • Bodegas Caro Amancaya
    Gran Reserva
    1/1 flaske DKK 425,-

    Mendoza, Argentina
    Malbec - Cabernet Sauvignon
    A wine with great concentration in aroma and flavor, where notes of ripe plums, figs and oak are beautifully integrated.

  • "Tenute Saint" single
    Chianti classico yard
    1/1 flaske DKK 478,-

    Rocca delle Macie, Tuscany Italy
    Really tasty wine made from 100% Sangiovese. The flavor of juicy ripe berries, great with game, beef and mild and strong cheeses, an exquisite pleasure to drink.

Cellar wines

(Ø)-Organic, (B)-Biodynamic

We support the preservation of the environment and we try to respect nature in our daily work here at the hotel. However, when it comes to selecting our wines, we base this choice on quality, structure and the wine’s ability to complement our dishes, whether organic, biodynamic or traditional.

Wine and food are two elements that naturally go hand in hand throughout life. Individually they can be both charming and beautiful, but hand in hand, this pair shine and can be the source of amazing experiences – together they can take each other to an even higher level than separately – if you know how to do it right. But “right” doesn’t mean one solution or one correct choice. There’s an unknown factor that also needs to be addressed for this partnership to succeed: your own taste and preference.

Many thick books have been written about food and wine, but usually separately. Perhaps precisely because personal taste and attitude, especially here, matters to the relationship. When you put food and wine together, your own taste palette and preferences are expressed in what you call “I think”. The facts become more fluid – because in many cases, personal taste will (or should) trump the facts. Because we certainly don’t taste the same – or like the same things.

At Hotel Fredericia, we have created our wine menu based on “our taste”. We’ve tried the dishes – and especially our wines – over and over again to find just the combination we like. But that doesn’t mean it has to be everyone’s taste. That’s why we’ve also put together a wine list for you as a guest, so you can find the one that suits your own taste. The wine list is based on a philosophy of finding wines that match our food – with an eye for a good buy and selected with great insight, zeal and knowledge of the different areas and types of wines. The wine list is built around some of the world’s best wine producers, and we try to find the wines that are ready to drink and will provide the best experience in the glass. To right now, to the food, to the atmosphere, to the experience – and to you.

However, our focus is not on having a huge wine list with depth in the vintages for each wine region, which requires a lot of insight into the good and bad vintages. We’ve already made that choice in advance and only put the best available vintages on the map. We hope that our wines will challenge and excite your senses and create new experiences for you as our guest. And that the two elements find each other in a happy symbiosis when they land on the tongue together. Explore our wine list and don’t hesitate to ask if you need further explanation – your personal experience is what ultimately matters most to us.

Germany / Austria:

  • Riesling No.3 “simply fruity”, 2022, Eser Rheingau, Germany: DKK 365,-
  • Pfaffl Sauvigon Blanc, 2021, Vom Hans Weinviertel, Austria: DKK 355,-
  • Riesling Purist, Trocken, 2020, No.1, Eser Rheingau, Germany: DKK 365-.
  • Fritz Walter, Pfalz, Germany, Riesling, Trocken: DKK 385,-


  • Tra Donne Sole, Vite Colte, Piemonte, Italy: DKK 380,-
  • Langhe Chardonnay 2020 “Strange” Piazzo Alba, Italy: DKK 385,-
  • Terre in Fiore, Custoza, Verona, Italy: DKK 385,-
  • Gavi di Gavi DOCG, 2021, Piemonte, Italy, Beni di Batasiolo: DKK 420,-
  • Borgo Stajnbech, 2019, Lison-Pramaggiore-Friuli: DKK 450,-
  • Roero Arneis DOC, 2021, Piemonte, Italy, Beni di Batasiolo: DKK 440,-
  • 150 Lison Classico, Borge Stajnbech Friulano, Veneto, Italy: DKK 450,-


  • Solimar Blanc de Muller, 2021, Tarragona, Spain: DKK 390,-

South Africa:

  • Old Wine Chenin Blanc, 2017, Bellingham, South Africa: DKK 425,-


  • Gewürztraminer, 2015, Reserve Gueth, Alsace: DKK 395,-
  • Lentz Gewurtztraminer, 2019, Alsace: DKK 420,-
  • Camille Cayran Cairanne, Grande Reserve Blanc, 2020, Rhone, France: DKK 345,-.
  • Viognier, Bates Dorees, 2020, Brotte vin de pays, France: DKK 445,-
  • Marquis de Goulaine Sancerre, 2018, Loire, France: DKK 535,-
  • Pouilly Fuissé 2020, Domaine Perrachon, Burgundy, France: DKK 535,-
  • Chablis 2019 Chateau De Maligny 1.Cru Fourchaume, Burgundy, France: DKK 730,-
  • Meursault 2020, Domaine Florent Garaudet Vielles Vignes, 2020, Burgundy, France: DKK 1120,-.


  • Rös Solaris 2019, Dyrehøj Vingård Røsnæs, Denmark: DKK 540,-
  • Rös Souvignier Gris 2019, Dyrehøj vineyard Røsnæs, Denmark: DKK 620,-


  • Rosario Estate, Sauvignon Blanc, 2021, 37,5cl, Central Valley, Chile: DKK 175,-
  • Tarapaca Chardonnay, 35 cl., Central Valley, Chile: DKK 215,-
  • Rutini Trumpeter Chardonnay, 2021, Mendoza, Argentina: DKK 370,-
  • Rodney Strong, Chardonnay, 2019, Sonoma Country, California, USA: DKK 460,-
  • BIO Chiaretto Bardoline Custoza, Valpolicella, Italy: DKK 375,-
  • Mimi Grande Reserve, Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah/Shiraz, France: DKK 395,-
  • Tavel Les Èglantiers, Rose Brotte, Chateauneuf du Pape, France: DKK 420,-.
  • Domaines Barons De Rothschild (Lafite) “A” D’aussières Rosé Igp Pays D’oc, 2022, Langedoc, France: DKK 380,-


  • Famille Bousquet, Syrah, 2020, Languedoc Roussillon: DKK 360,-
  • Camille Cayran, Grand Reserve, 2020, Rhone: DKK 490,-
  • Château Tour Calon, 2015, Montagne-Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux: DKK 510,-
  • Château Fleur de Jean Gué, 2019, La Lande de Pomerol: DDK 440,-
  • Château De la Charriere Maranges, 2021, Côte de Baune: DKK 605,-
  • Chateau Haut Tayac Margaux: DKK 650,-
  • Camille Cayran Gigondas, 2019, Rhone: DKK 695,-
  • Santenay, 2020, 1.Cru “Clos Rousseau” Prosper Maufoux: DKK 815,-
  • La Fiole du Pape, 2019, Brotte, Rhone: DKK 815,-
  • Chateau Deyrem Valentin, 2018, Margaux, Bordeaux: DKK 818,-
  • Chateau La Fleur Des Rouzes Pomerol, 2014, Pomerol, Bordeaux: DKK 845,-
  • Château Dáussieres Corbieres, 2017, Domaine Barons de Rothschild Langedoc-Rousslon: DKK 860,-
  • Moulin de Duhart, Paulliac, 2017, Paulliac, Bordeaux: DKK 878,-
  • Chassagne Montrachet, 2021, Château de la Charriére les, Champs de Marjot: DKK 935,-.
  • Château Desmirail 3rd Cru Margaux, 2003, 1.5 l Magnum: DKK 1.895,-
  • Gigondas, 2021, Brotte, la Marasque Rhone: DKK 1.080,-
  • Domaine Florent Garaudet Monthelie, 1er cru les “Riottes”, 2018, Burgundy: DKK 1.040,-
  • Pommard, Florent Garaudet, 2020, Côte de Beaune: DKK 1.350,-
  • Pommard, Domaine Coste-Caunartin, 1.Cru “LA Reféne” 2017, Côte de Beaune: DKK 1.630,-


  • Mandus primotivo di Manduria, 2019, Pulgia Salento: DKK 430,-
  • Veronese 2022, Veneto Fabiono Negraro Appassmento: DKK 380,-
  • Babera de Asti, 2016, “Sabri” Piemonte, Asti: DKK 385,-
  • Barbera de Alba, 2019, “Sovrana” Beni di Batasiolo Piedmont: DKK 470,-
  • Stajnbech, Pinot Nero, 2020: DKK 488,-
  • Corteforte, Concentus Rosso, Veronese: DKK 518,-
  • Corteforte, Ripasso, Claassico, Superiure: DKK 458,-
  • Corteforte, Amarone Della, Valpolicella: DKK 788,-
  • Pizzao Alba, Langhe Aiman: DKK 535,-.
  • Rocca delle Maci Tenuta Sant´Alfonso single Wineyard Chianti Classico, 2019, Tuscany: DKK 620,-
  • Barbaresco, 2018, Beni di Batasiolo, Piemonte: DKK 645,-
  • Barolo, 2016, Beni di Batasiolo, Piedmont: DKK 625,-
  • Barolo Riserva Essenze Vite Colte, 2012, Alba: DKK 860,-
  • Cafaggio Basilica del Pruneto Merlot, 2019, Tuscany: DKK 890,-
  • Amarone Fabiano Valpolicella Classico, 2018, Veneto: DKK 1.005,-
  • Barolo, 2013, Beni di Batasiolo Cerequio, Piemonte: DKK 1.040,-
  • Barolo, 2011, Beni di Batasiolo, Vigneto Boscareto, Single Vineyard, Piemonte: DKK 1.050,-
  • Brunello Espererienza Numero 8 – Montalcino, 2015, Tuscany: DKK 1.150,-


  • Rutini Trumpeter, Pinot Noir, 2021, Mendoza, Argentina: DKK 370,-
  • Thorn- Clarke “Terra Barossa” Shiraz, 2018, Barossa Valley, Australia: DKK 430,-
  • Thorn Clarke “Shotfire”, Shiraz, 2019, Barossa Valley, Australia: DKK 560,-
  • Amancaya Reserva, 2019, Bodegas Caro, Mendoza, Argentina: DKK 605,-
  • Tiki Estate, Pinot Noir, 2019, Waipara, New Zealand: DKK 605,-
  • Rodney Strong Old Wines, Zinfandel, 2018, Sonoma Country, California USA: DKK 630,-
  • Rodney Strong – Davis Bynum Jane’s Vineyard, 2017, Sonoma, USA: DKK 775,-
  • Le Dix de los Vascos, 2018, Colchagua Valley, Chile: DKK 1.265,-
  • Spumante Beni de Batasiolo, Moscato Rosé, Piemonte, Italy: DKK 365,-
  • Basileus Camille Cayran, Côtes du Rhone, France: DKK 550,-
  • Chateau du Haut Pick Sauternes, 2018, Bordeaux, France: DKK 950,-
  • Croix Milhas Vin Doux Naturel Langedoc Roussillon, France: DKK 690,-
  • 1967 C. da Silva Presidential, Colheita Port, Portugal: DKK 2.485,-
  • Portal Six Barrels, Tawny Reserve: DKK 790,-
  • Taylors, 10 years, Tawny: DKK950,-
  • Taylors, 10 years, Tawny Magnum: DKK 1.750,-
  • Churchill´s, Late Bottled Vintages, 2017: DKK 875,-
  • Churchill´s, Vintages Port, 2016: DKK 2.200,-

Beer & Water

Draft beer

  • Tuborg Organic Pilsner DKK 45,- | 55,- | 70,-

    25 cl. – 40 cl. – 60 cl.

  • Tuborg Øko Classic DKK 50,- | 60,- | 75,-

    25 cl. – 40 cl. – 60 cl.

  • Kronenbourg Blanc 1664 DKK 55,- | 70,- | 85,-

    25 cl. – 40 cl. – 60 cl.

  • Grimbergen Ambré DKK 60,- | 75,- | 85,-

    33 cl. – 50 cl. – 60 cl.

  • IPA DKK 55,- | 70,- | 85,-

    25 cl. – 40 cl. – 60 cl.

Bottle of specialty beer / Juices

  • Brooklyn Brewery EAST IPA, 0.33 cl. DKK 55,-
  • Erdinger, 0,50 cl. DKK 70,-

    Weissbier - Non-alcoholic

  • Vibegaard Gooseberry Beer, 0,50 cl. DKK 69,-
  • Vibegaard Gooseberry Cider, 0,50 cl. DKK 69,-
  • Vibegaard Sparkling Gooseberry, 0,50 cl. DKK 90,-
  • Vibegard Sparkling Blackcurrant, 0,50 cl. DKK 90,-

Soft drinks and juices

  • Soft drinks DKK 40,-

    Coca Cola, Cola Zero, Fanta, Sprite, Lemon, Tonic, Cocio, orange juice

  • Anton's organic juices, 25 cl. DKK 42,-

    Elderflower - Blackcurrant - Apple juice

  • Vibegaard Sparkling Juices DKK 85,-

    Sparkling Blackcurrant, Sparkling Gooseberry

Spring water

  • San Pellegrino, sparkling water, 0,70 cl. DKK 70,-
  • Ramlösa, 0.33 cl. DKK 40,-
  • Ramlösa, 0.80 cl. DKK 70,-
  • Ramlösa Citrus, 0,33 cl. DKK 40,-
  • Ice water, 1 glass DKK 15,- pr. person
  • Ice water, pitcher/jug DKK 30,- pr. person

Coffee & Tea


  • Coffee DKK 40.- pr. person
  • Espresso, single DKK 40,-
  • Espresso, double DKK 45,-
  • Cafe Latte DKK 55,-
  • Cappuccino DKK 55,-
  • Irish Coffee DKK 75,-

    Tullamore whiskey 2 cl, brown sugar, coffee, whipped cream.

  • Espressotini 43 DKK 125,-

    (Espresso Martini) Licor 43, vodka, espresso.


  • Good Karma Tea DKK 40,- pr. person

    Good Karma is a range of extremely tasty teas. All ingredients are carefully selected and blended to ensure a wonderful and tasty tea experience for everyone.


  • Mojito DKK 125,-

    Rum, lime, mint, sugar, soda

  • Cosmopolitan DKK 105,-

    Vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice

  • Old Fashioned DKK 125,-

    Bourbon, angostura, sugar

  • Gin Hass DKK 90,-

    Gin, mango, lemon soda

  • Gin & Tonic DKK 85,-

    Gin, tonic soda

  • White Russian DKK 105,-

    Vodka, Kahlúa, milk

  • Espressotini DKK 125,-

    Licor 43, vodka, espresso

  • Strawberry Daiquiri DKK 125,-

    Rum, strawberry, lime

  • Piña Colada DKK 125,-

    Rum, pineapple, coconut

Gin & Tonic

  • Special gin & special tonic DKK 115,-

    Per 2 cl. gin
    Restaurant RYES at Hotel Frederica always has a wide selection of 8-10 gins from Denmark and around the world. On this Gin & Tonic card you can pair our specialty gins with our specialty tonics so that they each complement each other according to the botanicals of the gin, we wish you a great experience.

Our gin flavors

  • Tanqueray

    Botanicals: Juniper berries, angelica root and coriander seeds

  • Hendrick`s

    Botanicals: Rose & cucumber

  • Gin Mare

    Botanicals: Rose & cucumber

  • Geranium

    Botanicals: Juniper berries and seven other herbs and spices

  • Monkey 47

    Botanicals: 47 Plant extracts, cranberry, blackberry and honey pomelo

  • Mermaid Pink

    Botanicals: Strawberry

  • Batch 22 "Oremands Gods, Præstø"

    Botanicals: Cucumber & Lemongrass

  • Copperpot "Trolden, Kolding"

    Botanicals: Juniper berries and honey

  • Cocky Barista "Trolden, Kolding"

    Botanicals: Coffee and Juniper

  • Aronia "Vibegaarden, Skærbæk"

    Botanicals: Aronia berries, juniper berries, citrus peel, green tea, cardamom and cedar

Our tonic flavors

  • Fever-Tree Clementine
  • Fever-Tree Elderflower
  • Fever-Tree Mediterranean
  • Fever-Tree Pink Grapefruit
  • Fever-Tree Indian
  • Fever-Tree Raspberry & Rhubarb


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