We ensure a green
and responsible experience

Comfort and green responsibility
in the middle of Denmark

When you decide to stay at Best Western Plus Hotel Fredericia, you do more than enjoy a luxurious overnight stay; you become an active part of our mission for a more sustainable and responsible future.

ESG at the core of our business

The ESG principles are not just buzzwords to us; they represent our fundamental commitment to running a sustainable business that benefits both our guests and the planet.


Our commitment to the planet goes beyond traditional measures. While solar and waste reduction are important, we also look at our overall footprint. How can we improve our food purchasing and food waste? How can we help preserve biodiversity? Every step counts in our quest for a healthier planet.

Social responsibility:

Beyond our internal team, we seek to have a positive impact on the wider community. Through partnerships with local organizations and by promoting diversity and inclusion in all our activities, we strive to create positive social change.


Our principles are clear - integrity, transparency and accountability drive our decisions. From how we interact with our suppliers to our internal policies, our management practices are designed to ensure we operate with the highest ethical standards.

Eco-friendly comfort in the middle of Denmark

Dit ophold gør en forskel

Hvert minut af dit ophold hos os er en del af vores bæredygtige rejse. Morgenmadsbuffeten, der venter på dig, er fyldt med lokale og økologiske råvarer. Den komfortable seng, du sover i, er lavet med bæredygtige materialer, og den cykel, du kan låne, giver dig mulighed for at opleve områdets naturskønhed på en miljøvenlig måde.

Bæredygtighed i praksis

Men vores tiltag stopper ikke her. Vi udforsker konstant nye måder at integrere bæredygtighed i hver facet af vores forretning. Fra træningen af vores medarbejdere til de samarbejdspartnere, vi vælger, er bæredygtighed altid i centrum.

Tak for at være en del af vores mission

Dit valg af Hotel Fredericia sender et stærkt budskab om vigtigheden af bæredygtighed. Sammen arbejder vi for en lysere, grønnere og mere ansvarlig fremtid. Tak for at tage denne rejse sammen med os.

Our sustainability initiatives include:

  • Own solar panels, making us partially self-sufficient with power in the newest part of the hotel.
  • Water-saving measures, including showers, faucets and toilets, as well as water-efficient machines.
  • Energy-efficient lighting, including the use of LED lights, sensors and motion detectors.
  • Initiatives to reduce food waste at every stage from sourcing and preparation to serving.
  • Converting food waste into heat.
  • Careful waste sorting to promote recycling.
  • A strong focus on sourcing local and organic food.
  • Use of sustainable and recognized cleaning products.
  • Bike rental for our guests to explore the area in an eco-friendly way.
  • Prioritize the purchase of furniture made from recycled materials.
  • Social responsibility, where we support those who need help entering the labor market, including apprenticeship training, support for flex workers and integration of ethnic minorities.

Green Key certificate

Green Key is tourism’s leading international eco-label, which originated in Denmark. With a history spanning over 30 years, Green Key is now recognized across 60 countries and represents over 4,000 tourism businesses.

The label indicates a deep commitment to the environment. When you choose a Green Key certified venue like Hotel Fredericia, you can rest assured that the company has met strict environmental requirements. These requirements are regularly checked to ensure compliance and continued dedication to sustainability.

Most importantly, Green Key makes it easy for guests like you to make sustainable choices without compromising on the quality of the experience. Whether you’re on a business trip, vacation or at a conference, Green Key guarantees that your stay is as environmentally friendly as possible.

In Denmark alone, over 200 businesses proudly carry this brand, spanning hotels, hostels, conference venues and even sports facilities. And while the brand started here in Denmark, you can now find Green Key certified companies from the Nordics to North Africa and even as far away as Japan and Puerto Rico.